About Us


Why Partner with NUG Digital Marketing?

At NUG Digital Marketing, we are more than a service provider; we are your strategic partners in growth. With a comprehensive suite of services encompassing branding, strategy development, and multi-channel marketing, our mission is to scale your presence both online and offline, boosting revenue and maximizing your return on investment.

Our collective of experts—strategic business and marketing consultants, cutting-edge graphic designers, innovative web developers, engaging content creators, and specialists in SEO, social media, and digital advertising—brings a wealth of experience to create marketing strategies that resonate with audiences and eclipse the competition.

Core Values That Define Us

  • Problem-Solving Agility: We pride ourselves on our ability to solve problems with efficiency and agility, always conducting business with the utmost ethics.
  • Creative Excellence: Our commitment is to provide unmatched creativity and execution, delivering solutions that not only meet but exceed our clients’ visions.
  • Community and Joy: We believe in giving back and fostering a work environment that is not just productive but also joyful and fulfilling.

Strategically Minded, Creatively Driven

  • Informed Strategies: We immerse ourselves in understanding the market landscape, making strategic decisions that are consistently aligned with your business framework.
  • Design with Purpose: Our beautifully crafted landing pages and narrative strategies go beyond conventional marketing; they encapsulate and broadcast what your business stands for to all stakeholders.


Customer-Centric Philosophy

  • Relentless Advocacy: Our passion for your audience is unmatched. We continuously seek innovative ways to engage and advocate for them, ensuring that our strategies are always customer-focused.
  • Empowering Your Voice: We pledge to enhance your understanding of your audience and help you adopt a voice that not only speaks to them but also spurs them into action.

Lean and Adaptive Execution

  • Agile Project Management: Our agile methodology ensures that we can pivot as needed, embracing change and maintaining momentum with precision.
  • Efficient Decision-Making: We act on essential information swiftly, making informed decisions that keep projects moving forward.


Seamless Integration

  • Scalable Expertise: Our core team of veteran marketers is augmented by a network of trusted contractors, allowing us to provide dedicated, fast, and personalized service that saves you time and money.

At NUG Digital Marketing, we don’t just build campaigns; we build legacies. If you’re looking for a marketing partner that stands firmly on a foundation of core values, strategic focus, and customer-centric practices, let’s connect. Schedule a conversation with us to explore how we can elevate your cannabis or CBD business to new heights.


Nug helped to drastically improve our company website and built an SEO strategy from scratch.
Amy B
Owner, Fire & Frost Cannabis
I really recommend Nug. They’ve been responsive, efficient and cost effective. They’ve been a pleasure to work with.
Georgi Gordon
Principal, GBG and Associates
I always find myself pleased with the finished piece. I strongly recommend their services for any client looking for a quality marketing partner.
Mario A
VP of Marketing
I have personally worked with Nicole Weber and her outstanding team at NUG Digital Marketing for several years now. Their service is outstanding, efficient, effective, and reasonably priced. I highly recommend NUG Digital Marketing for all your marketing needs.
Scot Rusczyk
President, Coachella Valley Cannabis Alliance Network
Nicole Weber and her team of professionals are simply the best - able to lead clients through marketing campaigns that are customized, strategic and successful.
Pam Abrahamsson
Founder/CEO PRA Public Relations
You can make the best products in the world but if no one knows you’re there, you’re not gonna sell anything. We wanted to improve our SEO and basically just reach more customers, and that’s really what we’ve seen - really significant improvement. We worked with other agencies before and had a lot of communication but very little results. We’ve been really happy with the results we’ve gotten with Nug. And when we communicate, it’s with the actual people who will be doing the work. Everybody we’ve worked with has been fantastic.
Russel Lmbardi
Chief Executive Officer, Canna Redux & Forge Hemp Company

Regulated industries can be difficult. However, our knowledge of the cannabis industry, combined with our expertise in digital marketing allows us to create marketing and advertising campaigns specifically for cannabis-based businesses.