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Nug Marketing Proposal

Project Overview
Website- Green Gratitude wants to build a new website for their retail dispensary brand. The goal for the dispensary is to increase functionality, brand awareness and sales to B2C customers through the website with online ordering and delivery as well as in store. They’re in need of a website that helps them achieve their business goals. Nug Marketing has the experience and knowledge of the local and national cannabis industry to help.

The goal is to be quick, efficient & produce a stylish, modern and custom website with Jane menu integrations within 30 business days from the start date.

The client will assist in supplying copy for the projects as well as any specific photos, logo, etc. needed to convey the branding of the campaigns.

Our team will create the icons and provide a photographer to come to the location and take photos of customer and budtender interactions for the website, Nug Marketing can provide stock video and do a copy/editing pass as well as provide any additional stock media assets that relate to the overall look and feel of the site.

A selection of website design styles will be presented for the Green Gratitude team to look through and choose different functionality and design elements they would like to include in the website build and design process.

Green Gratitude will provide Nug Marketing with all graphic assets such as images and descriptions of products and the business.

The process will go in stages with stage 1 showing an outline of the website and pages.
Stage 2 will consist of customization based off approval and client feedback.
Stage 3 will be final set-up and optimization of the custom content and going live.

The above campaign would include:

1. Dedicated Project Manager
2. Web Designer
3. Graphic Designer
4. Website Custom Design
5. Content Copywriter
6. Hi Res Images
7. On Site Photography
8. Graphic Icons
9. On Page SEO
10. Website Backend Tutorial

All communication from Nug Marketing will be prompt and on time.

Emails will be responded to with 48 hours.

Website Green Gratitude Dispensary- $5000 (50% down, 50% upon completion)

Hosting- Includes 1 year of free hosting ($360 value)
Current invoice due will be zeroed out and annual payment will restart on July 1st, 2021.

Total to start- $2500

The Nug Team
Green Gratitude will have a dedicated creative team including a Project Manager, Web Developer & Designer and Senior SEO Specialist.

Why Nug

Core Values
• Our core values are to solve problems, be efficient, conduct business with a high standard of ethics, deliver the highest level of creativity and execution to our clients, give back to the community and, of course, have fun.

Financial Approach
• We believe in full transparency, delivering value and results with every marketing dollar.

Strategically Focused
• To us, strategy means understanding the landscape, making informed choices and consistently executing inside the strategy framework.
• Developing beautifully designed landing pages and story strategies is more than marketing. We will deliver what your business stands for, and through design and key messaging, show how this informs all aspects of the organization and your commitment to customers, partners, and supporters.

Customer Centric
• We are relentless in our passion for your customers and key audiences. Everything we do is in the context of whom you are talking to and finding ways to engage them.
• We won’t ever let go of our passion to be an advocate for the customer; we will always push to adopt a customer-focused external view.
• Our promise to you is to help you deepen your understanding of your audiences and adopt a voice that will help them take action.

Agile and Lean
• We take an agile project management approach. Our team utilizes years of experience to drive projects while maintaining a level of flexibility that allows us to continuously respond to change.
• Our lean processes mean that we can act on “just the right amount of information” and make early decisions.
• Striving for perfection but knowing how to balance imperfection with speed to market; we learn quickly and make necessary adjustments to keep momentum.

Seamless Teaming
• We have a lightweight, scalable agency model with a core team of veteran marketing professionals surrounded by a larger team of trustworthy contractors. We work with extreme dedication for select clients. The result is phenomenal passion around thoughtful work with fast, personal service and dramatic savings for clients.

The Work
1. The Work
Green Gratitude (Client) is hiring Spot Color Studio, Inc. (DBA Nug Digital Marketing) (Agency) to perform the work estimated in the price listed below (see #6, Estimated Project Costs.)

The Agency will create final product in electronic format based on the “Scope of Work.” Upon completion of this agreement, including payment in full, the Client will become the copyright holder of the Work, and the Agency’s efforts will be considered a Work for Hire.

2. Change in Scope of Work
This is a preliminary estimate, accurate to the best of our understanding of the Scope of the project; as such, it does not represent a fixed-cost bid. If the Agency believes this project will exceed the agreed-upon budget by 10%, the Agency will notify the Client as soon as reasonable. If the Scope of Work has changed as the project progresses, we will create and submit a Change Order estimate, outlining the additionally estimated costs, which will be accepted, verbally or written in writing.

3. Cancellations
We require a 30-day notice of cancellation for all digital marketing campaigns. If the Client cancels this project for the Client’s convenience or for reasons not connected with the performance of the Agency, the previous monthly payment will not be refunded. If the Client cancels the project for good cause related to the performance of the Agency (i.e. – Agency neglects the project, does not perform its work in a timely and professional manner, does not reasonably complete tasks in accordance with Client’s instructions), the previous monthly payment may be refunded. If the billable work of the Agency has exceeded the initial down payment or the milestone payment, the client will be invoiced for the outstanding amount, including the reasonable value of any deliverables generated for the Client that is within Scope including Change Orders, prior to cancellation for cause. Once the account balance has been reconciled and payment made in full, all source files will be given to the client upon request. All Work that is delivered to the Client due to cancellation will be given as-is at the time of cancellation, voiding any warranty and obligation to the Agency.
Client assumes all responsibility for digital ads, websites and landing pages (client supplied or agency created). Should the ad server or publisher deny the ads/landing pages, monies may still be owed for all work by the agency prior to submission.

4. Grant of Rights
Upon final payment, the Agency grants and assigns the Work to the Client with the sole and exclusive rights to:
• Print and publish the Work throughout the world, together with all translations, abridgments, revisions and selections;
• Reprint all portions of the Work, including without limitation, the rights to reproduce all or portions of the Work in any form by any mechanical, electronic, or other means now known or invented in the future; and
• Transfer, sell, or license to others any of the rights in (b) above.
• Although the Agency does not retain any rights of ownership to the final product, the Agency does retain the right to inform others of the involvement in the creation of the product.
• Client will hold all rights to the Domain name

5. Delivery of Electronic Files
The Agency will deliver to the Client, complete files containing the Work to the Client upon request. Delivery of the files is limited to Clients in good account standing, or in accordance with signed settlement agreement(s). The Agency will retain a copy of the Work for 1 year.

6. Project Estimate
Website Green Gratitude Dispensary- $5000 (50% down, 50% upon completion)
Hosting- Includes 1 year of free hosting ($360 value) Current invoice due will be zeroed out and annual payment will restart on July 1st, 2021.
Total to start- $2500

Terms and Conditions
• In regard to new businesses and start-up companies, the Agency will retain ownership of web name as real property until account is paid in full.
• In regard to general businesses, the Agency will deploy and/or launch a website or online project once the account is paid in full.
• In regard to general businesses, the Agency will retain root password and additional passwords until account is paid in full.
• All Change Orders must go through the Agency Project Manager or acting Head of Management at that time.
• No work is binding or confirmed without going through this channel of communication.
• Developers, employees, and contractors are NOT authorized to do Change Work Orders.
• Only an individual deemed “authorized” by a client of the Agency can make Change Orders through our Project Manager or acting Head of Management.
• The Agency will perform bug fixing on the Work after completion/hand off. Any issues that arise post-deployment will be billed at the established hourly rate.
• This proposal in this exact form is valid for 60 days. After 60 days a new proposal will be produced.
Dotted Line
The Agency and Client have signed this Agreement on the respective dates following their signatures. All terms of the Agreement are represented in this document. Changes to these terms must be made in writing and signed by both parties.