Nug Digital Marketing – The Go-To Provider of Affordable SEO packages
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Although most of the companies in the market claim that their SEO packages are affordable, competitive, and performance-oriented; however, only a few match these criteria. Choosing the best and affordable SEO packages can make a valuable contribution to your business. To make it easy for you to select affordable SEO packages, we have brought you a major player in the SEO space. Yes, we are talking about Nug Digital Marketing here. Let’s learn more about them.

Why Nug Digital Marketing?

Nug Digital Marketing is a full-service marketing entity that can help you grow your online and walk-in traffic. The company has been in the digital marketing business for over 19 years. In addition to being a digital marketing firm, the company also offers other services like branding, website development, consulting, and much more.

What is Included in Nug Digital Marketing’s SEO Package?

The company’s SEO packages include a wide range of SEO offerings, and it includes a blend of SEO tactics. Its digital direct service uses a hyper-local targeting strategy to push advertisements to mobile devices if they meet some specific criteria that may include a specific location, zip code, radius, and more.

One of the great things about Nug Digital Marketing is that its proprietary process and advertising network has a reach into more than 90% of consumer devices. Moreover, the platform has access to accurate audience data, which can target mobile devices of users over 21 years. It can direct them to your business website, competitor locations, physical location, among other choices. Overall, their platform can drive hundreds or even thousands of ad impressions to your business.

What Differentiates Nug Digital Marketing Company’s Service From Other Service Providers?

Nug has successfully positioned itself as a company that provides affordable SEO packages. In other words, the company offers value by strategically enabling its users to set a virtual perimeter of any size and target size wherever your product is being sold. Additionally, the company has SEO strategies for both B2C and B2B entities. Any brand or manufacturers can target its customers based on various factors including, past purchasing data, both online and offline. Furthermore, at Nug, you can customize retargeting to track customer visits to specific places, as well as categories of places.

Affordable SEO packages at Nug Digital Marketing

Nug Digital Marketing offers SEO packages at affordable prices specifically tailored and customized per your needs. The company does prior research on the target market of the client. It helps them create the best SEO package that will help in accomplishing desired digital advertising goals.

What do Their Plans Include?

  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Dashboard
  • GeoFence Placement & Optimization
  • Ad Concepts & Design
  • Professionally Written Ads
  • Campaign Metrics
  • Detailed Reporting
  • So, what’s stopping you from leveraging these services at an affordable price? Reach out to know more on how Nug Digital Marketing can help you to grow your business today.