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While the consumption of cannabis is still illegal under federal law, the medical use of cannabis is legal in 36 states, and recreational use is legal in 18 states. Like any other industry, the growing industry also needs to focus on digital marketing strategies and online presence, and SEO is a powerful tool for the same.
Things to Factor in While Choosing SEO Agency for your Cannabis Business

It is crucial to choose an SEO agency that understands how the cannabis industry works. Ensure that the SEO agency is aware of the basic nitty-gritty of cannabis-related businesses, such as the difference between CBD and THC, the current global financial position of the cannabis industry, legalization status, and more.

The agency should disclose their SEO strategy, whether they employ an on-page or off-page strategy. Most importantly, the agency should explain and convince you why they are choosing that strategy for you.

Consider looking for reviews and feedback from the SEO agency’s past clients. You can browse through online community forums like Quora and Reddit for better insights on the kind of services to expect from the agency. It will give you a clear picture of what is in store for you.
Nug Digital Marketing – A Leading Cannabis SEO Agency

The SEO services offered by Nug Digital ensure your customers find you online with increased web traffic. Their integrated SEO approach includes custom website design & development, mobile optimization, SEO strategy & implementation, social media design & integration, content generation & management, and email marketing campaigns.

The Case Study

Nectar Cannabis leveraged SEO services offered by Nug Digital Marketing to increase its online presence and search engine ranking. The offerings included a contemporary website integrated with the Dutchie menu system for all the 19+ locations of the cannabis business and an on-page SEO strategy to ensure maximum visibility with search engines. While Nectar Cannabis ranked only for seven keywords with none on the first page before availing of the SEO service, the relevant keyword ranking increased by over 17,000% to 1235 keywords with 102 on the first page and organic traffic increased by 7,000% to over 7100 visits per month within six months.

The case study stands as a testimony to the exceptional service offered by the SEO agency offering its services to Cannabis businesses. Overall, Nug Digital marketing is a top cannabis SEO agency.

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