Digital Advertising

Digital Strategy

Digital advertising in the cannabis industry is an all-time must.

Nug Digital Marketing understands marijuana-advertising regulations and creates digital advertising messages that connect with Internet users across hundreds of websites and apps. We develop strategies with clearly defined success parameters to increase your ROI.

We specialize in hyper-targeted marketing to help you put your message in front of the customers that are researching services or products you provide. We are a transparent agency, which means you will receive detailed monthly reports to give you a clear picture of results. We focus on increasing online traffic, leads, and sales so you can focus on your business.


We manage a Private Advertising Network that consists of over 250,000 mobile apps and websites. With access to this accurate and local audience data we can target mobile devices of users 21+ in age within a 1 to 3 mile radius of your dispensary and drive hundreds of thousands of ad impressions.

Search Engine Optimization

More 82% of Internet users click on 1st ranking on Google. We work hard to publish quality content, appropriate keywords, and links that get your message heard. Our SEO strategists use the most up-to-date technologies and trends to elevate your brand above your competitors.


GPS or geolocation data is changing how businesses advertise. By managing a Private Advertising Network that consists of 250,000+ mobile apps and websites, we can target 21+ year old users within a 1-3 mile radius of your business. Track conversions right to your store to see the customers who saw the ad and walked in the door.

Text Messaging

SMS marketing or text message marketing is a simple way to get your message out to prospective and existing customers. Offer exclusive deals, promotions, upsell high margin goods and services, and/or announce new products.

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