Do you need a checklist to maximize sales for 4/20?

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As you know, 4/20 is fast approaching and with it an opportunity for massive sales – if you’re prepared!

Sales of adult-use marijuana during the week of April 20 have almost doubled between 2018 and 2021 from around $89.7 million in 2018 to more than $175 million in 2021.

Unfortunately, many customers are also waiting until they see specials for 4/20 before buying. And with 4/20 falling mid-week, sales could be a bit slower unless you do something to encourage and entice them.

The other large opportunity is to impress new customers who will be using the holiday as their first experience with cannabis. With the right experience and impression, you can turn them into loyal regulars.

Here are some suggestions from Nug on how to maximize sales:

  • Consider staying open later on 4/19 and 4/20, Tuesday and Wednesday.
  • Run sales from the 18th to the 21st.
  • Determine specials now.
  • Place orders from manufacturers early.
  • Make sure you are stocked up on your customers’ favorites
  • Draft customer emails, social media posts and any texts to customers as soon as you determine the specials, as it will get really busy as the date draws closer.
  • Determine if you want separate online and in-store specials and make sure it’s spelled out in all communication.
  • Start promoting your upcoming 4/20 specials early and encourage people to enroll in your loyalty rewards program if you have one; consider some specials just for members.
  • If you’re planning to advertise with any online menu platforms, reserve your spot now.
  • If you offer delivery, ensure you have adequate staff.
  • Spend time now creating educational content for potential customers as a primary barrier keeping them from trying is simply a lack of knowledge or intimidation. Make it easy with “bundles” designed for them with clear expectations on what they can expect in terms of their experience with cannabis. A “relaxing” bundle, etc.
  • Don’t forget pre-rolls have been the most popular 4/20 item for 3 years in a row, even though they may not be the item of choice for your experienced customers.
  • Consider offering yourself or someone on your staff as a speaker to civic groups, Chambers, etc. to help educate them about cannabis.
  • Make sure the media knows you are willing to be a resource for them regarding cannabis.

Need some help maximizing your sales? Nug can create a customized marketing program for you that will ensure your current and new customers are happy and return again and again!

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