Email lists and
Email Campaigns

Email marketing is a specialty of Nug Digital Marketing. With more than 2,000,000 consumer and business emails at our disposal, and more available, Nug has the expertise to help you target and appeal to an audience who has already expressed an interest in your cannabis/CBD-related products. This list is a hand-curated, opted in, brand new, consumer email list.

And since the list is modestly priced starting at just $1,000 for 50K emails, your upside profit potential is enormous. Nug can help you source the right list, create the email for you, and guide you in sending it so you can follow up with leads, and do the fulfillment for those who order.

You receive unlimited use of the list for your company and if you need it, Nug can help set up and manage your email campaigns on a monthly basis…including design, writing, and coordination.

To take advantage of this introductory offer, please call Nicole: 503.516.2219 or email and we’ll get you set up.