Five Key Criteria for Choosing the Best Cannabis Marketing Agency

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If you’re in the cannabis industry, then a marketing agency that understands cannabis is crucial. There are many regulations that govern how and where advertising can be done, and you need a cannabis marketing agency that can guide you through the maze.

What should you consider?

How much experience do they have with cannabis advertising itself? If they’ve just built a website for a company that’s not enough. You need an agency that understands the digital landscape and the different regulations about internet marketing. Things like pay per click ads work very differently than regular ads and a good agency will help you avoid delays and pitfalls.

How much does the proposed cannabis marketing agency understand the different market segments for cannabis? A CBD customer can be very different from a customer interested in pre-rolls or other cannabis product. An agency will understand the major differences and the nuances in how to speak to each audience.

A good cannabis marketing agency will have talented professionals who are experienced with all aspects of branding, marketing and advertising – including graphic design, traditional media buying, search engine optimization (SEO) digital marketing as well as overall branding and the customer experience. It makes sense to have everything integrated and working together for you, rather than multiple agencies performing independently of each other.

How easy is the cannabis marketing agency to work with? This one can be hard to tell before you actually engage a marketing agency but what is their general reputation? Have they provided references? Do they have cannabis clients they have served for a long time? All these are indications that they are easy to work with and responsive.

Can the cannabis marketing agency bring you ideas and not just be order takers? If the cannabis agency is just positioning themselves to do things you don’t have time for, then there may be other cannabis marketing agencies that are more well suited. You want a cannabis marketing agency that will stay up on the latest digital and traditional advertising opportunities, and present you with new ideas regarding products, branding, promotions and business development. They will be concerned with the overall growth of your business, not just their particular assignment.

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