Four Types of Blog Posts You Should Be Writing

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Looking to start up a cannabis blog for your upcoming business, but feel stumped with writers’ block when trying to get started? Have no fear.

At Nug Digital, we recommend posting the following types of articles to capture the attention of those who visit your site:

  • Company news – These blog posts allow visitors to your site to connect with your company, your team, and your mission. If you have events to feature, post about them before and after (include photos whenever possible!). Consider featuring different team members each week or month to put a face and a personality to your business.
  • Industry news – Show that you’re in-the-know with the latest industry news. If it is related to what you do, your site’s visitors will likely want to hear about it!
  • In the community – What is happening near you? Blog posts about community events, news, and even spotlights of other local businesses can demonstrate your commitment to the scene. These posts can go a long way toward distinguishing your business from the huge, faceless chain stores and business conglomerates.
  • Case studies and product descriptions – You can use your blog to dive deeper into your company’s products and services. Why not give people (particularly those who love to research before buying) more info on case studies, testimonials, how-its-made/how-its-done, and other valuable info?

Need Help? Contact Nug Digital

If you’re looking to connect with your audience, turn to the cannabis marketing experts at Nug Digital. We have extensive experience helping cannabis companies like yours define their brand and make an impact with their audience. Call us today to discuss how we can help you reach new heights in 2020!

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