Geo Marketing


Our unique geofencing strategy allows us to push advertisements out to mobile users within a small radius, zip code, city, state, nation, or even go so far as worldwide using over 250,000 mobile apps and websites. With access to the accurate and local audience data our platform provides, we can target mobile devices of users 21+ in age around your holding company, dispensary, manufacturing point, farm, or trade show you are attending and drive hundreds of thousands of ad impressions.

Our technology uses GPS data to create fences around a business or place to accomplish digital advertising goals. When a mobile device crosses through the fence, it triggers ads. We can track the impressions your ad receives, clicks made on the ads, and provide you with granular demographic data on those interacting with your ads. With that in place, we can retarget the users who are relevant and interested!

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This strategy enables you to set a virtual perimeter of 1/4 to 3 mile radius around wherever your product is being sold, regardless of what product that might be. Ads are delivered to relevant consumers who enter the ‘fence.’
We have strategy for both B2B and B2C. Brands, growers, manufacturers, and anyone else in the cannabis industry have the ability to target key consumers based on past purchasing data, both off- and online. Retargeting can be customized to track visits to specific places, as well as categories of places.
With geofencing, your marketing is based on real-world behavior trends to ensure you are reaching your target consumer accurately and efficiently.