How Dispensaries Quickly Improve Their Sales Numbers

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Most dispensaries are not having trouble getting people in the door or to their website. The trouble they are having is getting quality customers to their stores, meaning people who do not spend a lot of time there, but do spend a lot of money. Every industry has different types of shoppers. There are those who spend hours researching everything, acting like this is a major decision while there are those who want the process to be completed as quickly as possible and are willing to pay extra for convenience.

The more consumers you have, whether in your store or online, who want the products and information quickly, the faster you can get your sales numbers up. The key to these transactions is not just the money, it’s the time. The faster the customer is, the less time they are using up your staff, meaning the more customers you can help and the better your service can be. This is why dispensaries are refocusing on how to improve their sales numbers. It’s not about getting more customers, it’s about getting better customers. 

Getting People Back To Your Store 

Even with a website, right now you want to see people actually in your store. Yes, sales are important, but you’re paying rent on a large building and you need to see customers in this building and buying things. That’s understandable and as a business owner you have to think this way. Here’s how you are going to accomplish that, without hurting your online strategies: 

  • 2 emails a week: Yes, that’s right. If you want to hit your audience and get them in the building you need to up your email marketing game. In order to not upset online sales, it’s good to still offer a big promotion each week. However, there’s no reason why another email cannot go out offering an in-store only promotion. 
  • 1 social media post per day: Each day the store needs to have an item that’s on sale and that item needs to be posted on social media, or an update telling customers to go to your site to see what’s on sale. Imagine having a ridiculously cheap deal on a product each day and having hundreds of customers going to your site just to see what that item is to determine if they are going to your store that day to buy it? 
  • In-store deals with online capabilities: While you want people in your store every day you have to be realistic. If you tell your audience that today this item is for sale in-store only and it’s a workday and you’re on the other side of town, you’re going to turn your audience against you. Give them the ability to order online and pick up from the store that week for the same price. This gets them in your store and in the right mindset. 
  • Appointments for free consultations: If you are offering free consultations, which is a great idea, make sure you have an appointment booking option for it. Yes, walk-ins are welcomed but if someone is going to take the time to schedule an appointment, you need to give them that convenience because it means they will commit to coming to your store. 

The more time you invest in motivating your audience to visit the store, the less time you will get them to buy from you online. However, the good news is that you can focus this part of the content on existing customers while using your marketing efforts to go after new consumers as well. 

What Cannabis Customers Are Looking For

Not only is it important to know your audience, but you also need to know who you are working with as far as what the consumer wants. What will make them take an action on an ad or visit your website? What will make them make you part of their plans because you are offering them something that they want? Here’s what they want from you: 

  • Online versatility: If the customer has to go to your store to get the best deals they will, but still allow them to order ahead and utilize their online capabilities to give them the conveniences it should. If you won’t other brands might and if that’s the case then pricing does not always make the deciding factor. 
  • Bulk shopping deals: Cannabis shoppers like to buy in bulk and they especially like to save when doing so. If you can provide your audience with a reason to buy in bulk, they will be happy to do so, even if it’s with ordering online so that they can pick it up in the store. Making that trip once a month is worth it if you’re saving a lot of money. 
  • Rewards for referrals: People who use these products talk about these products and if you want to grow your customer base, turn your current customers into your sales people. Referrals work and they will work for you, in fact these customers may bring people in the store with them to show them in person what to expect. Take advantage of that option and use it in your strategy. 
  • Easy ordering & payment options: If someone can get an email about an in-store promotion you are having, go online to your website and research the promotion and product, login and place the order, then schedule the product to be picked up at a time that works for them, and they are aware of and happy with the payment options, you are set as a business as long as you fulfill that order. 

Keeping things simple for the customer is what it takes to make things easier for your business. Every business owner knows that there are plenty of challenges, especially in the cannabis field, but if you have a great team and can generate strong sales numbers by relying on an existing customer base, you can grow your brand. It’s important to establish that trust early, because that’s the only way your customers can also build your brand for you. 

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