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There are about 2 billion websites. But don’t worry, less than 400 million are active. That means there’s still a lot of competition out there. So how do you help make sure your website rises to the top when people are searching for products and services you offer?

It’s not enough anymore to just make sure you have some keywords sprinkled throughout your site to achieve good SEO. You need to take definitive steps and employ a strategy to help you get to the first page of search engine rankings so potential customers can find you, since according to Moz, 71% of search traffic clicks are captured on the first page, with some sources reporting it as high as 92%. And the second page isn’t even close – coming in at below 6% of all website clicks.

Not to worry – Nug Digital Marketing employs a multitude of techniques that all work together to help your website rise in the rankings and optimize your SEO when people search relevant topics.

Some of our techniques include, but are not limited to:

  • Fresh, relevant content. One of the primary things search engines try to determine is how much your website is accurately answering consumer inquiries. And the more you have updated, fresh information the better you will score for this part of the equation. If people are looking for goods or services you offer, what words and phrases are they using? We’ll use those same words and phrases to create articles for your website and place them there as well as other important places on the internet that will link back to your website.
  • What are the mechanics of your website? YOu can’t overlook this seemingly mundane aspect. How fast does it load? How well does it work on a phone? Are your plugins all working? Don’t get caught up in the new stuff while forgetting to look at your foundation.
  • Are you using your social media to its best advantage? Are you boosting important posts to gain more followers? Are you linking to the blogs on your website? Are people responding to your posts? All this plays a role in making your online presence work hard for you.
  • How are you represented online? Have you claimed your listings in all 80+ online directories? Is the information consistent and accurate across all of them? Can potential customers message you through Yelp? Can people ask Alexa for information in your category and get an answer that includes you? If the answer is no, we can help.
  • Pay per click. While we’re working to move you up in the search engine results, we can also get you on the first page with PPC ads. But how much should you be paying for these ads and keywords? What words and phrases are your competitors using and which ones are working for them? A competitive analysis will give you all this information and provide a great starting point for your own customized, effective strategy that generates results.

You’ve got a lot to do running your business. Let Nug Digital Marketing enhance and implement your online presence to keep customers running to your business.

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