Introducing Nug DigitalDirect

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Introducing Nug DigitalDirect

The Latest Geomarketing Technology from Nug Digital Marketing


Portland, Oregon – February 2019 – Nug Digital Marketing, a Portland, Oregon and Palm Desert, California based agency, announces their latest branded marketing technology, Nug DigitalDirect. With this unique geomarketing technology, the agency can advertise on behalf of their cannabis clients without fear of getting the campaign shut down. To familiarize yourself with the look and feel of their new product, view the DigitalDirect Dashboard Demo.


With Nug DigitalDirect, brands, growers, manufacturers, and anyone else in the cannabis industry have the ability to target key consumers based on past purchasing data, both off- and online. Nug will set up a digital fence using GPS coordinates for whatever distance and location you would like and serve up ads to mobile phone users that are 21+ and interested in cannabis. In doing this, Nug guarantees you hundreds of thousands or even millions of ad impressions per month! From here, Nug can remarket to those who showed interest in your product by clicking on your ads and provide you with granular data on who has interacted with your ads.


Nug DigitalDirect has a number of key elements that make it stand apart from the competition:



  • DigitalDirect Strategy


This strategy enables you to set a virtual perimeter of any size and target users wherever your key audience is or your product is being sold – whatever helps you reach your marketing goals.



  • DigitalDirect Retargeting


Any client using DigitalDirect will benefit from this strategy’s use of retargeting. Using off- and online, past purchasing data, Nug target key consumers of your products and services and can even customize the retargeting process to track visits to specific places or categories of places.



  • DigitalDirect Audiences


When it comes to DigitalDirect, your marketing is based on real-world behavior trends to ensure you’re reaching your target consumer both accurately as well as efficiently.


The Nug Digital Marketing team is so excited to share their new DigitalDirect platform with you. Set up a meeting with Nug’s VP, Sean Lucas, to discuss how DigitalDirect could increase your sales, or reach out today at 503.477.4355 or!

Please direct all inquiries to or (503) 422-4355.

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