Location-Based Advertising is the Best Form of Advertising

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As the name suggests, location-based advertising allows organizations to target their consumers at a personal level by tailoring messages based on their physical location.

Developments in navigation and communication technology give marketers and advertisers ample opportunity to tap into location-based advertising. The Grand View Research report states that GPS penetration in smartphones is almost 100%.

Another report by Factual identified that 9 in 10 organizations that use location-based advertising observed growth in sales, 86% observed an increase in their customer base, and 84% of organizations reported higher customer engagement.

Beyond Privacy Concerns

While there are privacy concerns due to which users are hesitant to share their location data with advertisers, privacy compliance organizations such as the Digital Advertising Alliance, TrustArc, and Network Advertising Initiative are instrumental in fostering the confidence of this industry. Moreover, it has become quite normal for smartphone users to share their location data with apps they interact with since they are more aware of the benefits of collaborating with businesses to receive deals and offers.

Types of Location-Based Advertising?

IP address advertising allows businesses to target the audience based on location information retrieved from the IP address of the computer or device using the internet connection.

GPS advertising determines location based on distance from a GPS network and hence, targets promotions based on this location information. The more evolved form of location-based advertising involves setting up a virtual location or radius so that businesses can advertise to the audience within that area. This form of location-based advertising is known as Geofencing advertising. Nug Digital Direct has been in this business for 19 years, assisting its clients in increasing their online and walk-in traffic.

Nug Digital Direct

Nug Digital Direct uses technology where GPS data of their target audience is used to create fences around a business or location to accomplish digital advertising goals. This technology allows a business to restrict the locations to a specific radius, zip code, city, state, nation, or worldwide; based on the organization’s requirements.

With geofencing, Nug Digital Direct helps businesses target their audiences based on real-time behavior and trends. Their service offerings include website development, pay-per-click, search engine optimization, directory listings management, branding, strategic consulting, and many more.

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