Need SEO for your cannabis website? Build your business organically through our proven marketing strategies to bypass paid marketing limitations.

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Search Engine Optimization is a crucial part of your online digital strategy, and there are several components to it.

The goal is to have Google and other search engines recognize and reward your website with a higher placement when people search for terms associated with your product, service or location. Numerous studies have shown that people rarely scroll beyond the first page of their search results, and you can’t always afford to pay for an ad to appear at the top.

Here’s what Nug Digital Marketing does to help you bypass paid marketing limitations:

We do extensive research into keywords.

What keywords are you using? Which ones of them convert the best to buyers? What keywords are your competitors using? What do they know you don’t know? Knowing what keywords are bringing people to you and others lets us understand which words and phrases we need to use to optimize your website.

We integrate those keywords into your website.

Everything from headlines to the text on your site to how photos are described to customized landing pages can influence how your website is perceived and ranked by Google and other search engines. We know how to properly integrate the right keywords into your website to achieve the maximum results. These meta tags still play a vital role in the ranking calculations.

We create original content for your website.

Beyond the right words and phrases, search engines also love fresh, relevant content. Is your website gathering dust? It may have started off doing well, but if you’re not continuing to update it, chances are its ranking is slipping, and with that, your results. With blogs, we can keep your website up-to-date and working well with the search algorithms.

We create social media content for you

In addition to using your social media platforms as a way to amplify your messaging and let people know about the great content/blogs on your website, a strong social media presence on sites like Facebook and Instagram sends search engines signals of authority and influence.

We find other homes for your content and information

We also find other places on the internet to share your information so you can gain valuable links back to your website. That tells search engines your information is valuable and relevant with quality backlinks, like a popular blog or other outlet. If content is king, then backlinks are the queen.

We optimize the workings of your website.

What counts here? How fast your website loads. How well it works on mobile devices. How things are categorized and coded. Relevant product images. All these go into the “formula” for determining how high your website ranks. And since organic search results are more valued by consumers than paid ones, getting a high ranking should always be your goal.

We analyze your overall digital footprint

Are you accurately represented in all the online directories, including Yelp and Google My Business? These listings play into the SEO formula as well and Nug has special programs to ensure they all stay up-to-date and work hard for you with basic business information, hours (if relevant) and more so they are all consistent and point back to your website correctly.

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