Not Your Travel Bud-dy

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Even though you or your clients may be travelling to and from places where cannibis is legal, air space still falls under federal law.  Therefore, while travelling by air, it is illegal to possess, grow, sell, or transport a controlled substance.  What’s more, devices such as e-cigarettes and vaporizers are not allowed in checked luggage.


Don’t risk detainment or worse by TSA by trying to sneak in your supplies – it is just not worth it.


A better idea is to become a savvy traveler and do some research before you start your journey.  Websites like can help you locate dispensaries, cannabis-friendly accomodations and even cannabis-themed events.


As a dispensary, you can help guide clients by having a curated list of your favorite or partner dispensaries in major cities.


Not only will you be avoiding risk of confiscation of your product, it’s a chance to explore cannabis culture and offerings at your destination.


For updated information on what you can and cannot bring on board, check

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