Nug Digital Marketing – The Leader in Location-based Advertising With True Precision Geofences

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As a full-service cannabis marketing agency, the journey of Nug Digital Marketing has been that approaching a decade and counting. With a team that includes graphic designers, web developers, content creators, SEO, social media, and geofencing experts, Nug Digital has remained active in all areas of digital marketing. It has an app-based private advertising network (PAN) that meets all the OLCC guidelines for advertising, with OLCC the acronym for Oregon Liquor Control Commission.

Nug Digital Direct

Nug Digital Marketing offers a spectrum of services, including website development, PPC advertising, SEO, branding, strategic consulting. Among these services, the one service that it has earned a trademark for is Nug Digital Direct. This service allows users to push advertisements to mobile devices within a specific radius, zip code, city, or state, leveraging its hyper-local targeting strategy. If required, users can scale up the reach to a national or global level as well.

The service has gained a lot of traction in the market for equipping its users with the benefits of location-based advertising with true precision geofences. The technology utilizes audience targeting facilities and GPS data to create fences around a business or location to accomplish the client brand’s digital advertising goals. Whenever a mobile device crosses through these fences, the hemp and cannabis ads get activated.

A Proprietary Technology

The process is Nug Digital’s proprietary. It’s precise enough to target mobile devices of users aged 21 years and more and point them directly to the client’s company website, physical location, manufacturing point, farm, etc. It can even direct an appropriate audience to a trade show that the client brand might have participated in or organized. The network of Nug Digital is robust and granular, with a reach into over 90% of the target consumers’ devices.

Location-based advertising with true precision geofences allows the brand to set a virtual perimeter of any size and target users wherever its product is being sold. The services of Nug DigitalDirect are not limited to businesses. It can fit the requirements of B2B as well as B2C marketing. Apart from brands, individual growers or manufacturers can leverage this service to target key consumers based on past purchasing data, both off- and online.

The retargeting services of Nug DigitalDirect can even track visits to specific places or categories of places. There are several service plans for DigitalDirect. Between the stage 1 plan and the stage 4 plan, you get ad impressions between 100,000 and 1,000,000.

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