Nug helps conference and Expo client reach out to participants!

Hemp Nova

When MJBizCon wanted to reach conference participants to let them know about all the scheduled events and opportunities, they turned to Nug Digital Marketing for geofencing. And when HempNova wanted to amplify their messaging and invite conference participants to visit their booth, Nug was able to get the word out to their specific audience as well!

  • For MJBizCon, messages included items like “Keynote speaker starting soon” with details, “Register here for the After Hours Party”, etc.
  • Multiple messages, reminders and calls to action throughout the show.
  • Campaign designed to achieve six+ impressions per message per person.
  • HempNova’s campaign included three phases – reaching more than 20k+ attendees at the conference, retargeting them with a modified message after they returned home, and reaching back out to those who visited the website, to reinforce the messaging even more.
  • Total impressions – 374k
  • CTR of more than 1.73% (industry average is less than 1%)
  • Average CPM $6 (200% lower than cannabis/hemp industry average)
  • Average time on site – 4.5 mins (71% higher than industry average)
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