Nug – The Go-To Provider of Location-Based Advertising for Cannabis, Hemp, and CBD Websites

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Whenever we think of cannabis and hemp marketing and advertising agencies in the US, the name that comes to the top of our list is Nug Digital Marketing. A fully remote agency, Nug Digital has been helping cannabis-related businesses grow through efficient marketing strategies and best-in-class design for many years.

The specialties of Nug Digital include the entire spectrum of marketing and advertising services that any hemp and CBD brand can ask for. The professional team provides services relating to website development, PPC advertising, search engine optimization, directory listings management, branding, strategic consulting, email lists, and more.

Hemp and CBD Websites

For Hemp and CBD websites, the services of Nug come with dedicated web development specialists who do not stop at developing compelling content and imagery but also provide services focused on audience targeting and monitoring or strategic response planning and execution.

At present, Nug Digital has a 24 members-strong team for website development. In its tenure, the team has served nearly 2,500 clients, while the number of projects completed is as high as around 4,800.

Some brands that have chosen to work with Nug Digital to build functional and responsive cannabis websites, regularly attracting and converting new leads, include Taproot Seed Co., c3 Delivery, Savage Organics, Nectar, Fire and Frost Cannabis, Verdant Leaf Farms, Green Gratitude, Oregon Retailers of Cannabis Association, and more.

Location-Based Advertising for Cannabis, Hemp, and CBD Websites

Nug DigitalDirect is a trademarked service of Nug Digital Marketing. Leveraging this service and its underlying hyper-local targeting strategy, clients of Nug Digital can push their advertisements into mobile devices within a specific radius, zip code, city, or state. They can choose to expand their reach to a national or global level as well.

This service, focussed on location-based advertising for Cannabis, Hemp, and CBD websites, is a proprietary service of Nug Digital. The advertising network is capable of reaching over 90% of consumers’ devices. The database leveraged by Nug Digital to conduct this service is highly accurate to target the mobile devices of users aged 21 and more. It can point the audience directly to the hemp and cannabis brand’s company website, physical location, manufacturing point, farm, or even a trade show that the brand might be participating in.

The marketing service of Nug DigitalDirect treats real-world behavior trends as its foundation. In turn, it ensures that the client is reaching its target consumer base accurately and efficiently. Nug DigitalDirect has four plans that guarantee anywhere between 100,000 and 1,000,000 ad impressions.

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