NYPD Seizes 106 lbs of Legal Hemp After FedEx Tip

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The NYPD seized a 106-pound legal hemp shipment after receiving a tip from FedEx despite third-party lab reports showing the plants’ THC content to be well below the 0.3% federal threshold.

A FedEx tip to the New York Police Department led to the seizure of 106 pounds of legal hemp, the New York Post reports. On Sunday, police at the 75th Precinct lauded the bust on Twitter the day after arresting Ronen Levy, whose brother Oren owns GreenAngels CBD, for drug-related crimes.

“My brother was falsely arrested,” Oren wrote on Instagram. “Those bags were all hemp. All documents were in each box. The farm also called them to give them all there (sic) paperwork proving it’s all hemp.”

Paperwork provided to the Post showed the THC content of the plants was 0.14 percent – well below the 0.3 percent federal and state thresholds. Oren told the Post the company is out “up to $30,000” since the confiscation.

Andrew Subin, a lawyer for the Vermont farm that grew and sold the plants, said a detective from the precinct didn’t know the legal THC limits for hemp.

“He was claiming that he didn’t know the legal limit. He said that he needed to do his own test. We have a test by a certified lab, so I don’t understand why they need to do their own test. This is having a real impact on our client and the buyer.” – Subin, to the Post

Ronen was released without bail by a Brooklyn judge on Sunday. The police have not issued any statements about whether they will hold the plants and press charges but told the Post the investigation is active and ongoing.

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