The Farm Bill Just Passed!

Hemp is now 100% legal – the Farm Bill was just recently passed. What’s this mean for those of you in the industry? We can now promote your CBD products nationwide! For more details on the passing of this bill, take a look at this great overview and graphic from Aaron Bouren of CBD Hemp Experts.


“In our polarized and paralyzed political system, we are always warning Congress-watchers to tamper expectations of the speed of legislative action.


So, imagine our surprise to report that the Senate just passed the Farm Bill with permanent hemp legalization!  By an overwhelming 87-13 vote.


The bill is now off to the House, where final passage is hopeful before the end of the week.  Or who knows, maybe even sooner?!?


For a primer on how the legislative process works, click here.


And if you want a quick tutorial on the hemp provisions, click here for Jonathan Miller’s expert summary.”


All credit to Aaron Bouren of CBD Hemp Experts. See original posting here.

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