Toolbox for Success

Marketing Based on Metrics and Research Brings Results

As a well rounded agency with experienced professionals in every aspect of marketing, we craft a customized marketing strategy and blueprint for your cannabis business. We take into account your goals, budget, existing in-house resources and more. We look at your current efforts, competitors, standing in the market, current website analytics, sources of new customers, etc. as part of our evaluation. And because we offer all varieties of marketing services, we’re also able to ensure your campaigns and messaging is integrated and reinforced across all applicable platforms and choose the right ones that work for you.

For example, a blog that provides helpful information and contains your relevant keywords is written and placed on your website. An email on that same topic is sent to your audience, or perhaps a new audience we have custom created for you, and points to the blog and your website for those desiring more details. Social media posts are created that offer snippets and encourage visitors to visit your blog/website for more information. If the information is worthy, a press release can be added to the mix, offering valuable information via media sources that pick it up, as well as reputable backlinks to your website, contributing to a strong SEO ranking. 

We are focused on your bottom line and your return on investment – your success is our success.

Toolbox for Success

Our toolbox is geared for your success. We employ the marketing aspects that make the most sense for you and your goals. A strong return on investment is what we strive for with every recommendation. Then we employ every opportunity to amortize your messaging across all applicable platforms so your brand is amplified and your sales are positively impacted.

Let’s dig into our toolbox for you. Click below to set up a call and find out how we can help.