Video Production and Digital Marketing: The Perfect Match for Cannabis Promotion

Cannabis video promotion

Video production has become an increasingly popular method of creating engaging visual content that can effectively communicate a brand’s message. It allows businesses to tell their stories through compelling visuals and sound. Videos are often more effective than static images or plain text because they are more visually appealing and easier to digest. Moreover, videos can be used across many platforms including social media, websites, television commercials, emails, webinars, etc., allowing businesses to reach broad audiences with targeted messages quickly and cost-effectively. 

The use of video production combined with digital marketing offers an extraordinary opportunity for cannabis businesses to spread their message far beyond what traditional marketing methods can offer. Digital marketing provides access to various channels such as search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns, social media advertising, email campaigns and content creation that enable businesses to target specific audiences with tailored messages. When used together with strategically created videos targeting those audiences, a cannabis business has the potential to maximize its reach exponentially compared to other forms of traditional advertising. 


The Benefits of Utilizing Video for Cannabis Marketing 


Using video for cannabis promotions offers numerous benefits over other forms of traditional advertising: 

 – Increased Visibility: The use of video helps make your business stand out by providing viewers with something visually stimulating that will capture their attention more easily than static images or written text would do on its own. Videos also help create brand awareness by making it easier for people to recognize your business when they see it again elsewhere online or offline. 

 – Better Engagement and Conversion Rates: Studies show that people are more likely to watch videos than read text or follow calls-to-action within written content; this engagement translates into higher conversion rates when it comes down to promoting products or services associated with the brand being promoted in the video.  

 – Cost Effective: Producing quality videos is significantly cheaper than running a TV commercial or launching an expensive print ad campaign; moreover it can be reused multiple times online which further reduces costs associated with distribution and overall promotion strategies without sacrificing quality nor effectiveness of delivery methods used. With the right content that doesn’t violate guidelines, they can be used in advertising, especially on cannabis-specific social media platforms.

 – Improved Brand Image: Videos can be used not only as an effective medium for selling products and services but also help build trust within potential customers by providing them with useful information related to your offerings which leads into improved relationships between brands and buyers as well as better perception & reputation overall among your target audience groups.  

 – Greater Reach & Amplification: Videos are much easier to share on social media platforms such as YouTube & Facebook where people tend spend most of their time online; this makes it easy for brands looking boost visibility organically without having worry about investing too much money into costly advertisement campaigns which might not get enough eyeballs on return investments made.  

 – Enhanced ROI (Return On Investment): As mentioned earlier videos cost far less compare other forms of advertising yet offer greater returns due mainly higher engagement levels amongst viewers leading into improved conversion rates; this means even small budgeted companies have chance to compete against big names in the industry using this approach if executed correctly.  

Video production when combined with digital marketing offers an unprecedented opportunity for cannabis businesses looking to increase sales while building relationships with potential customers at the same time. Nug has tremendous video production capabilities including scripting and production and is happy to help you brainstorm all the ways video can help increase your sales.

If you’re a dispensary owner, here are some specific ideas for you.


Tour of the storefront/promotional video


Why not show off your work to potential customers since you invested in your storefront and product displays? Customers can get a behind-the-scenes look at your dispensary while taking a tour, which also helps to set their expectations and entices them to visit you. Show them the brands and product lines you provide, and like any video, make it interesting and entertaining.


Videos of corporate culture


Give your dispensary a voice by investing in videos that will allow you to engage with potential clients by sharing your company’s values, messaging, history and culture. The human-to-human connection is still important, and video may fill the gap and allow you to engage with potential clients more directly. These videos may also have more emotional content.




In general, testimonials are excellent for giving your dispensaries’ brand more credibility, trust, and third-party validation. It is even more effective if you can obtain videotaped testimonies. By filming some of these testimonials in-store or at neighborhood activities, you can potentially turn this opportunity into branded video.




In order to display your dispensary in context, have your video team film any events or expos you attend. Exposing your brand in the midst of events, which are frequently stimulating, enjoyable, and dynamic, adds a significant amount of value to your image.


Learning Videos


Your customers enjoy expanding their knowledge and remaining current. Use instructional or general education videos to engage your audience and add value. To increase engagement, make it entertaining, succinct, and direct. These types of videos do not need to include a person on camera and can be made fairly easily with graphics and photos.

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