Website, Online Reputation Management and Ongoing SEO Position New Business for Success


As a new business, Buzz Box needed a website that correctly differentiated them in the crowded dispensary space, and conveyed a sense of place that correlated to the actual brick and mortar location.

Nug got to work on their behalf on several fronts.

  • Using the store decor as a guide, a customized design template was created for the website that gave it a distinct personality
  • A full menu was integrated into the website
  • The website was fully optimized for SEO maximum benefit
  • Done in WordPress, the site is easy for Buzz Box to update in-house
  • Listings Management was utilized to place consistent, accurate information on more than 60 online directories, and update and supplement it regularly to add to SEO
  • When a disgruntled former employee starting posting false negative reviews, Nug worked to get them removed, and then created a new listing and helped create a program to obtain positive reviews
  • Submitted 6 requests to Google for reconciliation
  • Submitted 41 requests to Google to remove fake account reviews
  • Successfully removed the old profile listing
  • Set up a new account
  • Added new reviews
  • Added full profile details for better management
  • Replaced negative listing with new one featuring positive reviews
  • Total time invested – 90 days
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