Why Cannabis Dispensaries Throw So Many Sales

Dispensary sales

How many times in the last month have you received an email from a dispensary you follow, where they are telling you about a new product or a big sale that they are offering? Most dispensaries around the country now have weekly sales and the reason for that is not as simple as just trying to get sales numbers up. Consumers in the cannabis industry are very different, varying from the inexperienced who know little about the products to the expert who knows more than the person selling it. 

Imagine if you were following a dispensary that never had any sales or big promotions? Even if they had the best quality products and services in the industry, the cheaper prices would certainly make you at least want to try a different brand. This is why so many stores that you see and check out are offering sales nearly every week. They know that consumers are looking for deals and if everyone’s product is at least similar, the best deal is going to get the business. 

Why Big Sales Work At Dispensaries

Consumers are focused on price above all else, whether they are new to the product or have used it for years. Yes, quality is important, but if everyone says they have the best quality, the only way you’re going to get a consumer to try your brand out is by offering affordable options. This is where the big sales can be a literal game changer for a dispensary. Not only do you have the opportunity to bring in new customers, but you will get numbers from your existing customers because they will have: 

  • Opportunity to save: The ability to save on these products is important to the consumer base. Part of that is because some consumers will spend hundreds of dollars a month or more on these products and even a 5% difference in price can mean a lot to them. 
  • Option to buy in bulk: Another reason sales are so popular in the industry is because it allows the buyer to purchase products in bulk. Bulk orders not only help the consumer save big on their purchase, but it allows them to handle all the shipping and storage at once which in some cases is the main convenience of the promotion. 
  • Try out new things: Once a buyer finds something they like, they tend to stick with it. If you want your customers to try other things you need to motivate them and the best way to motivate a customer to try something new is to either make it free or make it really cheap. 
  • Stay loyal to a brand: Consumers in the cannabis industry will stay loyal to a dispensary if they are happy with the products and service. However, if the prices remain low, and their loyalty is rewarded, that consumer will not only remain loyal for years, but they will be your best sales people because they will recommend your dispensary to everyone they speak with. 

Obviously, it’s trickier to build a new customer base than it is to manage one. However, if you can utilize a strategy that works for both sides, then why not take advantage of it, especially when it produces short-term sales boosts? Look at how you communicate with your audience and how you can make improvements on that strategy. 

Best Ways To Promote A Sale 

There are several marketing options that are available to dispensaries and several that are restricted. While it’s smart to utilize as many platforms as you can, the best marketing service for a dispensary to utilize at first is email marketing. This service allows you to communicate with your audience and promote a sale within hours, not days or weeks. 

Adding email marketing to your business gives you a chance to not only reach current customers, but to reach out to new ones by offering discounts and free giveaways to generate more emails while also rewarding loyalty from your current base. Remember, if you are sending out content focusing on new growth, you need to make sure that the current customers are happy as well. Not only because you need to maintain their sales contributions, but because they can refer business to you as well. 

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