Why Do I Need a Marketing Agency Specializing in the Cannabis Industry?

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If you’re directly or indirectly connected to the cannabis industry and considering working with a marketing agency that doesn’t have experience in cannabis, stop and ask yourself these questions.

Will the marketing agency’s inexperience get my social media accounts shut down? If you post the wrong thing that violates the guidelines set up by these social media platforms, your account(s) can be suspended or even shut down. Not only does that affect your non-paid posting, it eliminates even the possibility of paid social media advertising.

Has the agency I’m considering been successful at finding networks that will run cannabis-related ads? There are ways to do this, but you need a marketing agency that specializes in the cannabis industry and knows how to do this safely. It may involve landing pages and creative language, but an experienced cannabis marketing agency should know the secrets.

Have the marketing agency built or worked on cannabis websites? Websites that include ecommerce for cannabis-related products or services are a specialized, unique niche and you shouldn’t have someone learning how to do menu integrations or learning what navigation makes sense at your expense.

Do they have other cannabis-related clients? If so, you may benefit from their connections within the cannabis industry. They will be able to put you together with other clients, and will help lead you to worthwhile networking opportunities.

Do they understand the difference between guidelines for CBD vs cannabis? The regulations are vastly different and their cannabis industry inexperience could cost you sales if they mistakenly apply one set for the other.

Is the marketing agency familiar with cannabis-related language? This comes into play for website copy, ongoing content for blogs and articles for backlinks, social media management, sell sheets, packaging and so much more. The last thing you want is to seem out-of-touch with potential customers who perceive you to be an amateur in the cannabis industry.

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