Why is it crucial to have an experienced agency handle your dispensary website development?

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When it comes to dispensary website development, it makes sense to take the time to find an agency experienced in the cannabis industry. While good design is always important, the development of a dispensary website involves a lot more than just good looks.

A dispensary website needs to convey quickly accessible information about the location(s) and type of cannabis that’s available. It needs to communicate any specials and make them easy to understand and access. The menu integration for a dispensary website needs to be seamless. Information about ordering ahead of time for pickup and/or delivery needs to be upfront and easy to find, as well as hours.

It doesn’t make sense to be obtuse or “cute” when developing a dispensary website – although it still needs to have a great look and feel. Potential customers need their information in a way that makes it easy to interact with your dispensary website.

Of course, basics for SEO can’t be forgotten either. Correctly written headlines with keywords that are being optimized. Image descriptions that have targeted keywords incorporated into them. Fresh, relevant content being added on a regular basis. Articles with keywords that are submitted online to reputable sources to garner backlinks. Of course – submission to search engines.

As for functionality – it’s got to load fast and work great on all devices, including phones. That counts towards SEO as well.

Your dispensary website developer will also need to be aware of cannabis industry guidelines and limitations for online advertising since your ads will link directly to your dispensary website and if the site isn’t done following the rules it can cause your ads to be disapproved.

An added bonus? Listings management – or the submission of your dispensary information to more than 60 online directories. Not only will that ensure your name, hours, logo, website url, images and description are everywhere they need to be for potential customers to find you, it will add tremendous value to your local SEO with a myriad of backlinks from reputable sources. Seek out an agency like Nug that’s familiar with how all of this works together to amplify your message and supercharge your sales.

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